Currently, CowFight is a team of elite programmers, designers, producers, and writers bringing you a whole new wave of entertainment, web design, and programs. We originated in 1998 as Spiritworld Industries, later Spiritworld Entertainment, and eventually turned in to CowFight. Today we have evolved to a greater status in the online community and we plan to stay in the top.

Mission Statement
CowFight has a goal: supply the world with decent, useful programs, fun and exciting movies, forever engaging stories, and excellent web design. We are attempting to be the best. The only one who offers it all; yes, the best in our field. We need your support and lots of quality staff members to fulfill our dream.

SpiritWorld started out a long time ago, nothing more than a dream in Kyint's mind, with his grade school self wishing to become a video game programmer when he grew up. But the company was nameless for the longest time, until he abandoned his old screen name of Esparr2 in exchange for SpiritIce. He didn't know what provoked him to change it to SpiritIce, it just felt right. But it remained mostly an idea until he entered the class of Computer Programming. There he first found out how to really program, and he was the top of his programming class, with an average of 104. Since he finished all the projects early, he began to make games on his own, and he decided to entitle his company, SpiritWorld Industries. It remained SW Industries for 6 months, before an 8th grader in his class pointed out that it sounded really close to the skateboard company of World Industries, and Ky promptly renamed it SpiritWorld Entertainment. And all was good, until he began to branch the company. He created sub-companies for different projects, and ended up with a writing company called ArisMoon Productions, and a sub-company for training thieves. You see, Ky and Fire were notorious Pokemon card stealers, and grew into pick-pocketing. It was this that ended up collapsing SpiritWorld. They began to have branch SpiritWorld confusingly, using the Greek alphabet to show different platforms, and strange, unrelated words for different types of programs. Finally, no one could understand it all, not even Ky. So he scrapped it all, and settled down into just SpiritWorld Entertainment. Eventually, due to our hero's past thievery, SW Entertainment became too linked with burglary, despite having ceased this trade long ago. So Ky simply decided, hey screw it all, new company. And thus, CowFight Productions was born, and The Company Formerly Known As SpiritWorld entered the movie making biz. But there was still trouble ahead. All throughout the history of SW and CF, Fire has been known to thrown in some branch of his own, that eliminates the whole purpose of having one company because he often confused people into thinking that his branch was an independent company.So Ky told him this, and finally, the strange SpiritFire Programming/SpiritFire Division had ended, and only CowFight remained, with the exception of ArisMoon. AM is now simply an affiliate of CF, despite being owned and run by Ky. It now only makes FAQs and walk throughs for various games. This is due to some legal problems caused by multiple productions under AM, and if AM was to be abolished, then these products of hard work and time would be public property, unlike SpiritWorld, where I could simply alter it into us, refuses to allow this editorial. So is the history of CowFight, but perhaps, even more is in store.
The End?

- Kyint