New in version 3.0 beta 8 (Released June 12, 2003):
- Improved the text --> image encryption. Works great now!

Info on Ncrypt 3:
CowFight, once again, beefs up the Ncrypt-it series with a new, amazing addition. Ncrypt 3 travels beyond bariers to provied you with a solid interface and great encryption to keep files and text safe.

Now available is CowFight's new stenography technology that allows users to easily encrypt any text in to almost any image! Implementation of this idea has been long awiated and has finally came to your home.
Ncrypt 3 also includes 3 of the previous encryption types from Ncrypt 1.4 and the lovable Password Protected Text encryption used in Ncrypt 2.

Ncrypt 3 keeps the mail feature in Ncrypt 2 which allowed users to e-mail encrypted text straight from Ncrypt. Along with this feature, Ncrypt is working on FILE ENCRYPTION. Currently, only text-encoded files will encrypt and decrypt properly, so don't try to encrypt something that's not some form of a text file!

Ncrypt (v.3b8)
Size: 2.1 MB

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