May 10, 2003 (14:30 EST):
I released Underhand 1.0 (v21) to the public! You can get it from the downloads section.

April 30 , 2003 (10:30 EST):
Cyanide 1.8a is out! Ncyrpt 3b7 is out! More work on the site puts us a step closer to moving to CF 2.0 completely. KDX server is making some changes. New projects under way.

April 1 , 2003 (19:30 EST):
Don't worry, we're not ACTUALLY shutting down, lol. Launched the Development section of CowFight. CometShower Released. Public Alpha version of Underhand released. Cyanide 1.8 out soon. Changing the Downloads section again soon...

March 6, 2003 (17:15 EST):
Really changing the Downloads section. Lounge started. Working on a contact page. Made big graphical interface changes. New software is in development. You're going to love it! CowFight's going to really start to work at getting more new stuff out (Especially with our new staff).

February 1, 2003 (11:25 EST):
Cyanide 1.7 Alpha released. Cowfight's BEST program yet. Doing som major work on the site.

December 12, 2002 (19:00 EST):
Fixed Ncrypt3 about page. Linked home-page graphics to sites. Added WebCapture "about" page. Updates on index.html. Uploaded movies section and all links now link to movies. Stories section uploaded and all stories uploaded. No descriptions yet though. Updates to the "About Us" page made. Fixed broken link on Downloads page. Cyanide is now downloadable and a full description was created.

December 10, 2002 (21:00 EST):
Making some updates to the staff page. Made Movies section.

November 25, 2002 (17:00 EST):
Site moves from strict HTML to Dreamweaver since I was getting tired of spending all day getting nothing done. But the site should be fully online soon.

October 14, 2002 (16:00 EST):
Site started. Got most of the graphics done and I'm working on the code.



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